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Pro-Enterprises is your complete outdoor service provider:

Pro-Cut Lawn Maintenance

Lawn and bed maintenance, mulch installation, seasonal cleanup, trim shape, and weed control.


Mosquito and outdoor pest removal on a regular or one-time basis.


Asphalt surface installation, including driveway construction and replacement, parking lots, overlays, gravel roads, and more.


Asphalt seal coating, patching and repairs, and pavement marking.

Mequon, Wisconsin

About Us

Flower bed and retaining wall

About Pro-Scapers

Pro-Scapers is a division of Pro-Enterprises, an outdoor services business in Mequon, Wisconsin.

History of Pro-Enterprises

Pro-Coat was founded by Jason Boehlke in 1996 during his sophomore year of high school with the help of a project in his Marketing class. He learned how to seal coat by helping a relative on weekends. This business was started at his parent’s house with a truck and a trailer. Leads were generated by handing out flyers after school and knocking on people’s doors. Jason continued to grow Pro-Coat throughout college before graduating in 2004 from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a degree in Economics and a minor in Health Promotion. Since then Pro-Coat has grown every year and expanded into many other areas.

As part of Jason’s high school marketing project, he created a business plan with the potential to grow in the future. He selected the name Pro-Coat because he planned on expanding into other areas of the outside service industry with using Pro- as the beginning for each business. The other business names that are now in operation are Pro-Cut Lawn Maintenance, Pro-Pave Asphalt, Pro-Scapers, and our main entity Pro-Enterprises.

Pro-Cut was started in 2007 after Jason saw an opportunity with his advertising outlets to gain enough customers to start a lawn maintenance crew. Since then, Pro-Cut has expanded every year offering great service at a fair price. Pro-Cut also slowly started to enter into all aspects of the maintenance side of landscaping including tree trimming and removal, bed maintenance, mulching, and fertilization and weed control.

In 2008 Pro-Coat began performing snow removal services.

In 2009, Pro-Scapers started installing patios, retaining walls and sidewalks.

In 2009, Pro-Pave began with the help of his uncle who is well known in the paving industry for over 30 years.

In 2011, Pro-Enterprises expanded to its newest division, Pro-Squito pest control services, per the desires of loyal customers.

The divisions of Pro-Enterprises will be looking to continue to expand at a slow rate to guarantee that the quality of our work stays at the highest standards. Pro-Enterprises will continue to strive to be dependable, while performing high quality work at a fair price. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.